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MOSS-DEPTH Digital system to display and log diving/object depth and/or angle Digitaal systeem voor weergave en opslag van duikdiepte/objecte diepte of hoekmenting
TARKA-SYSTEMS provides on-line transport monitoring to provide behaviour information of your transport directly on your desk.
The MOSS is a practical, robust, portable measurement solution to your monitoring and surveying needs. Developed and manufactured by TARKA-SYSTEMS with the needs of Marine Surveyors and Naval Architects in mind.
Design and Assembly of rugged cases for client-specific solutions
With the Portable Angular Monitoring System (PAMS) load out/in operations can be monitored.
Portable solution to monitor the pressure during a hydrostatic pipeline test.
The most cost effective Iridium Short Burst Data Transceiver with GNSS
The Q.Travel-mini is the smallest, all-in-one solution for portable measurement. With four modular slots for data-acquisition modules and an integrated battery-supply a multi-functional data-acquisition system is available within a very small rugged travel case.
The free floating buoy is an innovative solution to access submerged activities on the surface.

Q Travel mini

The Q.Travel-mini is based to the Q.raxx modules from Gantner Instruments. With one Controller (Q.gate) and three slots for sensor modules (Q.bloxx) a flexible system for all types of measurements is possible. All modules can be used in combination with each other. The different sensor modules are shown in the overview.

In combination with measurement software on a laptop a very robust and portable system is created which is limited in size and weight, ideal for the field service engineer who has to travel light and work in the field. The USB slot on the controller can also be used for direct data storage so a stand-alone solution is available.

With the integrated battery-supply the Q.Travel-mini is operational for over 24 hours. Additional to the gathering of the sensor output also the sensors can be powered from the Q.Travel-mini, this of course will reduce the operational time. Client specific contra connectors for existing sensor cables can be mounted on the small front panel so no changes are needed in the client’s existing system.