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Many MOSS DIVE DEPTH systems sold in 2021
New order for MOSS-DEPTH systems
MOSS diepte meetsysteem voor afstellen ankers
2x MOSS logger installed for transport monitoring from China to Europe
Installation of WAVE HEIGHT radar of RADAC on ship
Delivered special cases with windows
For REDBOX the MOSS system was used during a loadout in China.
After the first two MOSS units an additional order of four units was received.
In 2016 the MOSS developed into a multi purpose tool which has been used for many different application.
The combination of the AQUADOPP sensor of NORTEK with the MOSS unit created a portable current (water-flow) monitor system called AQUADOPP-EXPLORER.
On request of client the MOSS-PAMS was extended with a draft sensor.
MOSS-PAMS : Monitoring BARGE angles during load-out
Depth measurement on civil construction with MOSS-Depth system
Delivery of client specific MOSS with additional report tool
MarineLink magazine presenting the survey systems MOSS on their digital website.
Very successful exhibition days on the OFFSHORE ENERGY Exhibition 2015 in Amsterdam Rai.
TARKA-SYSTEMS developed a new portable survey/measurement case. Based on modular input modules and an integrated battery supply the MOSS is ideal for surveys and field applications.
TARKA-SYSTEMS followed a software training to learn the details of the software used in the data-gathering modules of the MOSS. With the software most client specific requests can be applied to the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Client specific MOSS

dinsdag 22 december 2015

The Multi-Operations-Survey-System (MOSS) is provided with two PT100 sensors and one pressure sensor (mA output). A spare mA input is available for an additional sensor.
The software on the DGDM (Data Acquisition and Display Module) displays and stores the sensor data on USB stick and internally on a SD-card.

The datafiles from the MOSS are read by an excel tool on the laptop of the field-engineer and automatically converted into a pdf-report.

For the client the use of the MOSS improves the field work and reduces possible faults by entering or reading values. After a measurement the report-generation tool generates a pdf-report which can be directly handover to the client on-site.

Henry Wijgerse.